fat transfer

Add Volume Naturally

With Fat Transfer to Your Face

Create a Work of Beauty with…Your Fat

Fat transfer may be the perfect filler for your face. Also called fat grafting, fat transfer is exactly what it sounds like: Extra fat is moved from one part of your body (often the buttocks, thighs or abdomen) and strategically placed In the face, where it can plump your cheeks, lips, forehead, under the eyes—anywhere your face has lost volume with age.

Fat grafting has many benefits:

  • It’s your own tissue—no foreign bodies or chemicals added to your face
  • Fat tissue contains stem cells, which rejuvenates and actually improves skin texture.
  • You’ll get some of the benefits of liposuction at the same time.
  • Fat transfer results are natural-looking and long-lasting.

Fat Transfer Surgery – A Simple Procedure

Though fat transfer is a two-step procedure, both steps are straightforward, and can be performed under local anesthetic at Dr. Kayem’s surgical centers at his Beverly Hills and Cayman Islands offices. After an extensive consultation with you about your desired results, Dr. Kayem will perform on the area that has been chosen as your donor site. Blood, unwanted cells, and fluids are removed from your donor fat so that only healthy fat cells are left. Dr. Kayem then strategically places these fat cells into the areas of your face that need volume.

You may have some swelling, bruising, or redness after procedure, but any discomfort is minor and will abate within 72 hours.

How Long Do Fat Transfer Results Last?

Most other last a year or so. Fat grafting results last longer, and a significant portion of the benefits are permanent.

After the fat is transferred into your face, the majority of the transferred cells will develop their own blood supply. Those cells then become a part of you, permanently.

Look More Youthful, Naturally.