Chemical Peel

Strip Years from Your Face

With a Chemical Face Peel

Reveal a Younger You with a Chemical Face Peel

Our facial skin is constantly exposed to damage and repair. From acne during the teenage years, to sun-worshipping in our 20s, to toxins in our foods, cigarette smoke (first or second-hand smoke), and to normal aging. Our skin is constantly bombarded with damaging forces. Your face may also age prematurely due to hereditary factors. It may show signs of irregular pigmentation (including freckles and age spots), or melasma, a dark pigmentation caused by pregnancy or birth control pills.

Chemical face peels remove that damage: easily, affordably, and with as few as three days downtime. Best of all, most patients view the treatment as a dramatic success, and the benefits are permanent.

Chemical Face Peels Slough Away the Damage

Different types of chemical peels use different ingredients (like trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or Glycolic Acid), affect different layers of skin, and provide different results, but they all work by causing a minor injury to the skin, which then sloughs off a superficial layer (much like a sunburn), revealing youthful new skin below.

Light, medium, and deep chemical peels address different issues, and the deeper the peel, the longer the recovery, but the more dramatic the results. Recovery can take as little as a few days for a light chemical peel and up to  10 days for deeper peels.

After recovery, your new face will be revealed and the results will be remarkable—up to 85% improvement in damaged skin!

Do You Need a Doctor for a Chemical Peel?

Getting a chemical peel is not like getting a facial. As with any medical procedure, there are some risks. The acid contained in a chemical peel is safe, but must be applied correctly, and contain the best elements for your skin. The deeper the peel, the better the results, but the higher the risks. It’s important to choose a doctor to perform a chemical peel. Dr. Kayem has nearly 30 years of experience with chemical peels, and will consult with you so that you get the results you want.

Reveal Younger Skin Today.