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Dr. Marc Kayem offers only the highest standards and best practices in the fields of both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. His techniques are state-of-the-art and he offers the safest and least invasive methods of treatments available. Please browse this section carefully. You will find valuable information about most procedures and techniques offered. The more you know, the easier it is for you to make safe and sound decisions about your treatment.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Why?

Your face projects an image to others about who you are, how you feel, and how you think. It is the most prominent part of your body language. A youthful face is attractive, and often exudes energy and confidence. But just as a great works of art eventually shows signs of wear and tear, so do our facial features undergo gradual changes. These changes can give others a false impression of who you really are, how you really feel inside. Most persons seeking rejuvenating facial cosmetic surgery do so because they feel that their appearance no longer matches how they’ve always felt on the inside. Facial cosmetic surgery can restore your youthful image by reducing or eliminating lines, tightening and smoothing the texture of skin that has drooped or lost its youthful elasticity, or bringing back the facial volume and fullness that we all have in our early adult years. Others opt to have surgery to achieve a better balance of their facial features. Whatever your reasons, you share with others the common goal of wanting to look better, and wanting to feel better about yourself. To present to the world an image that reflects the way you feel on the inside.

The first step in considering facial cosmetic surgery is to take the time to think about why you want the surgery, and what you expect it to do for you. Potential patients should have an appropriate idea of which features they want enhanced by surgery. Understanding your expectations will help both you, and Dr. Kayem determine if you are a good candidate for facial cosmetic surgery. It is important that patients should seek this type of surgery for themselves, and not at the request, or to please, others. Dr. Kayem feels that patients must have realistic expectations, and that this can only be attained from proper discussion between a doctor and his patient, ensuring that all questions are answered, and that the patient is comfortable, and has full trust in his doctor. This cannot be rushed, and Dr. Kayem insists on patients taking the time to discuss their concerns and have their questions answered in a non-hurried environment. These discussions are vital to a successful relationship with your doctor. Only once you clearly understand your surgery, its benefits, its possible risks, and have realistic expectations on the outcome, can you make an intelligent and informed decision to proceed. Of course, communicating with your surgeon doesn’t stop after you’ve had your surgery. You will continue to see your doctor for follow up appointments at regular intervals for several months to ensure the success of your surgery.

In summary, cosmetic surgery can help rejuvenate your face – and rejuvenate your zest for life. With the help of your surgeon, you too can look better than ever, satisfied in knowing that you look as alive and attractive as you feel.