Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Self-Conscious About Your Ears?

Otoplasty Surgery Can Help

Reshape Your Life with Cosmetic Ear Surgery

“Reshape your life.” That may sound like an exaggerated claim—unless you (or your child) has been subject to teasing because of prominent ears. Otoplasty, or surgically “pinning back the ears,” has enormous psychological benefits for patients. The results of this procedure can be as impressive in adults as in children. In fact, if you are considering otoplasty surgery for your child, we recommend they have the surgery prior to starting school in order to avoid any bullying or psychological distress. Age 6 is an appropriate age for children to have the procedure, though many adults elect to have it done as well.

Otoplasty: A Simple, Yet Life-Changing Procedure

Otoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure that takes approximately two hours, and may be performed under general anesthesia (asleep) or local anesthesia (awake with the area numbed). Dr. Kayem will choose the otoplasty procedure that’s best for your ears, reshaping the cartilage to provide a better silhouette, and hiding incisions behind the ears. Any post-surgery pain is minimal and easily addressed with over-the-counter medication. You’ll probably be able to take off your bandages in a few days, though bruising and swelling may last a bit longer.

Choose a Doctor Who’s a Cosmetic Surgeon and an ENT

As an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor), Dr. Kayem has intricate knowledge of the anatomy of the ear, and is well versed in the ear’s structural function as well as aesthetics. Combine that specialized knowledge with his nearly 30 years of experience, and your choice of otoplasty surgeon is simple. In addition, Dr. Kayem and the staff at his Beverly Hills and Cayman Islands offices are well known for their warm manner, which can be especially helpful when children are undergoing surgery.

Typically considered a cosmetic surgery, otoplasty is usually not covered by insurance, but the benefits of the procedure will remain with you (or your child) every day for the rest of your life.

Change Your Life Today.