Facial Fillers

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Facial Fillers for Wrinkles, Lips, and More.

Look Younger Now

When you smile, squint, or frown, the skin on your face moves. Young skin is full and supple enough to bounce back afterward, but as you age it produces less collagen and elastin, and facial movements create lines and wrinkles. Your face also loses fullness, especially in the cheeks and lips, and your jawline begins to soften.

Facial fillers work magic on aging faces: plumping cheeks and lips, smoothing jawlines, and erasing lines and wrinkles (even deep ones). Better yet, fillers are administered via minimally invasive injections and provide immediate results.


Different Facial Fillers, Different Benefits

Do you want to get rid of your marionette lines? Would you like youthful cheeks? Kissable lips? The best lip filler may not be the best cheek filler, and vice versa. That’s why Dr. Kayem offers several types of facial fillers, including:

  • Juvederm® – An especially fine lip filler
  • Bellafill®– A great permanent facial filler
  • Radiesse® – A wonderful filler with long-lasting results
  • Fat transfer – A fabulous all-natural permanent filler

Learn more about fat transfer and types of facial fillers.

Make the Best Choice for Your Face

You don’t need to choose a specific facial filler; you just need to choose a doctor who understands each filler’s properties and benefits. Dr. Marc Kayem has been using facial filler injectables in his Beverly Hills and Cayman Islands offices for decades. He knows the best fillers for men and women’s faces and will consult with you to find the right solution for your individual situation.

Look Younger Today.