Let Botox® Work Its Magic

Cosmetic, Yes, But So Much More

Safely Erase Wrinkles with Botox Injections

Botox is well known as a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, and with good reason. You can effectively reduce frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, and lip lines in just a brief walk-in visit, with no downtime. Just less lines.

Administered by injection, just like a filler, Botox or Xeomin block neurotransmitters between your nerves and certain muscles, thereby reducing the movements that cause wrinkles and lines. They are both clinically proven to be safe and effective, and have extremely high satisfaction rates. The procedure takes under ten minutes and has no downtime. The effects of Botox typically appear within a few days, and last 3-4 months.


Relieve TMJ and Chronic Migraines with Botox Treatment

The beauty of Botox is more than just skin deep. When treated with Botox, the jaw muscles that contribute to TMJ pain relax. Your jaw can perform all of its normal, useful functions, but its muscles will not return to their subconscious rigid, spasming or clenching positions.

Botox also works wonders with chronic migraines, and is the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. According to the American Migraine Foundation, patients have reported that two Botox treatments cut their number of headache days in half. Botox helps to prevent migraines by blocking neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from your brain to your head and neck. The cost of Botox treatment for migraines is typically covered by insurance.

Choose the Best Botox Doctor

Some Botox clinics use nurses or Physicians Assistants to administer Botox. Dr. Marc Kayem performs the procedure himself in his Beverly Hills and Cayman Islands clinics. As an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (ENT), he has an expert knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the head and face. As a cosmetic surgeon, he understands how to use Botox to give you the aesthetic results you desire. Add that knowledge to Dr. Kayem’s 25+ year track record of successful Botox treatments (with a nearly 100% satisfaction rate), and your choice of Botox doctor becomes clear.

Ready to Discover the Magic of Botox?