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  • Snoring is more than just an embarrassment. It can be indicative of serious health problems like sleep apnea. Snoring, even if mild, can disrupt sleep, depriving snorers and their bed partners of the rest they need thus creating tension among partners.

    By using the latest, minimally invasive treatments available, Dr. Kayem has been able to bring relief to thousands of patients and their partners. We might be able to bring a good night's sleep to and your partner as well.

  • A minimally invasive approach

    As specialists and surgeons dedicated to sleep breathing disorders, we believe in taking a minimally invasive approach to treatment. This means using technologies such as the Pillar Procedure, or radiofrequency Turbinate Reduction that will get you back to your normal activities quickly with little to no discomfort and downtime.

    The right treatment for the right patient

    Because snoring and sleep apnea can originate from various anatomical sites (nasal, palate, throat), it is critical to identify the source(s) of the problem before an effective treatment can be devised. This is the reason why many over the counter remedies often fail.

    The first step towards finding a solution for your snoring or sleep apnea is to schedule an evaluation. A complete medical evaluation will help determine the proper treatment plan that is best for you.

    We participate in most insurance plans and offer patient financing for any treatments not covered by insurance. Contact us today so that you can begin to sleep better and feel better.

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